Monday, January 31, 2011

Happy Birthday Crew

Today my little buddy and nephew Crew turned 3! I cant believe he is growing up so fast. Crew came a short 14 months after his big brother Milo so it was so fun for me to be an aunt to 2 babies. Crew has the sweetest spirit ever. Anytime I have to leave he says "I need to give you a kiss!" Seriously? What little boy actually wants to give kisses? He also loves to open the door for you and shut it on your way out, and then stands at the window and waves while watching you drive away. He has called me before just to let me know that I am his best friend, yes you could say he melts my heart. He is also always ready to snuggle and just loves to stroke your hair. He is so positive and always willing to share with his brother and sister and loves to help anyone. He has the silliest personality and memorizes random movie
quotes and says them at all the right times.
Happy Birthday Crew! Thank you for being such a
sweet boy, I love you!

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