Monday, May 6, 2013


At the end of April we planned a little getaway to Monterey, California. It's one of Taylor's favorite spots that he grew up going to and he wanted to take me back there! It was my first time to Northern California and it was beautiful. We stayed in the cutest little beach house that his family always stays in, that was literally across the street from the beach! We went to the aquarium, fisherman's wharf, hiked up Point Lobos, walked along the beach, watched the baby seals, and ate lots and lots of yummy seafood & goodies from the local bakery. We also went to Pebble Beach and I have never seen Taylor more excited about anything. He was like a kid and was taking pictures of everything there. It was cute. Perfect little vacay! Taylor was quite the photographer this trip. Enjoy the pictures from (mostly) his iPhone.