Tuesday, February 26, 2013


We are having a BABY- and we found out last week that its a BOY!!! We are SO excited! Enjoy this little video clip of us finding out the gender. Baby boy Russell due August 3, 2013!!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Maui Wowie

We were able to go on a dream vacation to Maui with Taylor's parents at the beginning of this month. The Russell's LOVE Hawaii and go every single year, so I was so excited to finally be able to see what it was all about! I had never been to Hawaii before but I've always wanted to see Taylor's favorite place on earth. We stayed in their time share in Lahaina and pretty much just relaxed and soaked up the sun! We couldn't have planned a more perfect time to get away with this horrible, long winter we have been having. Let's just say it was rough coming home!

 After 3 flights, long layovers, and getting pulled over on the way to the airport, we finally made it to Maui! Fred had a lady waiting for me and Shauna with leis, what I've always wanted!

 After a day of lounging at the beach and pool, dinner at Leilani's was perfect.

 The view from our balcony! I loved how loud Hawaii is. You always hear wind, water, birds chirping, etc.
 "Italians don't burn" is what I usually say. This is after slathering myself with 30SPF which I never do. I have never burned like this is my life or experienced the pain!

My husband wore flipflops to church. Needless to say I was mortified!

                 After church we went and had brunch at the Gazebo. Soo yummy with beautiful views.

 Snorkeling at Black Rock! There was a HUGE Sea Turtle right next to us! I was a little scared but it was so cool.

Finally got some Hawaiian shaved ice! Coconut was the bomb

 Most beautiful sunsets
 My husby is bringing back the pooka shells! I could not stop laughing taking this pic
 Burgers in Paradise was delish!
 We took a Trilogy boat out to Molokini and Turtle Town to snorkel. We saw tons of whales on the way out, one was literally 10 feet away! So fun!!
            T forgot his sunglases but luckily Shauna had an extra pair. Again I couldn't stop laughing!

 All you could eat crab and prime rib buffet. We were in heaven!!

 We love chocolate monkeys

My favorite pic of the trip

This is how I dealt with the cold in the airport coming home. Miss you already Hawaii! Thanks Fred and Shanua for such an amazing trip!!