Thursday, October 20, 2011


We had the fun opportunity to go to Newport Beach with the Russell family all last week. They get a condo there every year and its a tradition to go down. This was my first year going with them, and it was so much fun! Everyone was there except for Ryan, Lyndsey, and Livie who we missed. We had a blast going to trick-or-treat at Disneyland, spending time at the beach and pool, and hanging out with the family. Thanks Fred and Shauna for the great trip, it was much needed!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

September in a Nutshell

  • We celebrated our big one year anniversary on the 10th.. woot woot! I started the day early at 6 a.m. getting a bride ready for her special day. She made a beautiful bride and her hair turned out great! I only worked a half day and then we went up to Gateway to do some shopping, (my favorite) and finished the night off right by eating dinner at our favorite place, Ruth's Chris! They sure know how to treat you right for a special occasion.
  • My boo turned 23 on the 16th! His parents happened to get the condo in Park City that week, so we celebrated all weekend long up there. It was so fun!
  • The Italians came to visit. My Nonna, Zio Toto, and Zia Fausta. It was so great to have them here and be able to spend some time. We really don't get to see them as much as we want to, but I am grateful we see them as much as we do for how far apart we live from each other! The good news is, the next time we see them (in May) we will be THERE instead of HERE! Can't wait!!
I love the Fall and am happy it is here. Can't believe its already October...

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Kim Vo

Yep that's right, that is yours truly and master colorist to the stars... KIM VO! He uses the same color line that my salon switched over to at the beginning of this year, (L'Oreal Professionel) so I had the amazing opportunity last week to attend a training he was teaching in Salt Lake. Even if you don't do hair you may know him from: Extreme Makeover, The Daily 10 on E!, or my personal favorite, Shear Genius. Let's just say I was a little starstruck meeting him because I have admired his work for a long time and he has really made a name for himself in the industry that I love. His class was amazing and I learned some really cool new color techniques/fall trends from the very best. He was super nice and funny too. Did you guys know he opened a salon here in Utah? It's in Deer Valley at the Montage resort and I plan on going to additional trainings up there. SO if any of you would like the "Sombre" technique or the "blonde smudge" done to your hair, and Cant afford to pay $500 to see Kim, you can come see me instead. :)

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Dear Rex

Yesterday was your fourth birthday. We had a nice dinner all together and then everyone wrote you a birthday letter and tied it to a balloon (that were Buzz Lightyear colors, of course!) We took all of the balloons and fireworks to the cemetary and sent you your birthday cards to heaven. We also lit fireworks around your grave, we know you loved that. We all got a book full of pictures of you that was all about your life and we will cherish it forever! The only thing missing was you, but we know you were close by celebrating with us. We love you Rexy and miss you so much. That picture of you and Taylor on the horse is his favorite and I love it too. Happy Birthday!!!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Engagement Day

Thanks Tiff for hiding and taking this picture! I love itIt has already been one whole year since Taylor proposed to me. (well, on the 7th.) I can't believe how fast time flies! It was such a fun day. We had dinner at my parents house with both of our families and Taylor and I sat on the big swing in the backyard. For some reason, I didn't realize that everyone had gone inside and left us outside alone. We were just talking on the swing when Crew came around the house and gave me a rose. I may be stupid, but I honestly didn't think anything of it. He was in this stage where he would give flowers to people so I just thought he found it somewhere. But slowly, one by one, every single niece and nephew from from youngest to oldest (except for Monroe and Livie because they were too little) brought me a rose. Then our oldest niece Kadrie brought a huge bouquet of roses and lillies that had the ring box inside. Taylor stood us up, said some really sweet things, and got down on one knee! It was so fun and special. I never thought I wanted people around when I got engaged but it was really fun to have all of our family waiting inside to run out and be excited with us! OH and I got the ring of my dreams, so that was cool too. I love you boo- thanks for being so thoughtful!

Monday, June 20, 2011

One year

I can't believe its already been a year since I spent some time in the Philippines. I was thinking about it yesterday and what a great experience it was. I went with a wonderful group of people, and we were able to do lots of service for the people of Bohol. We also had the amazing opportunity to attend the Cebu temple dedication. Vaccines for the Philippines is a great organization, if anyone is considering doing humanitarian work I would highly recommend going with them! I am grateful for spur of the moment decisions, on a whim I decided to go and left about 2 weeks later. I am so blessed that I got to see and experience a beautiful place with beautiful people. They are so nice and generous. They would give us anything and everything they could, even though they are so poor they don't have much to give. I fell in love, and ... I would go back in a heartbeat.

Friday, June 10, 2011

The latest project

Stephanie and Steve were so nice and gave us this shelf/mini bookshelf they were no longer using. I have been wanting something to put under my big mirror in the living room and discovered this would be the perfect fit! I have been loving gray lately, and it goes with everything so that's the color I decided to paint it. I also love picture frames so I thought this would be a cute way to display some of our favorite pictures. (even though I haven't put them in yet) I didn't have to sand this one down, but I did end up doing 3 layers of paint. (4 on some shelves) I got some frames from hobby lobby,one from my mom, and two from west elm. (that's where I got the owl too, I LOVE that store. Shout out to Stacey for the introduction) Oh and I was looking everywhere for a turquoise frame, but couldn't find one I liked that wasn't too expensive. But then I thought why don't I just paint a white one with the turquoise paint I used on my desk?... and it was a hit. ANYWAY I love love love how it turned out and it was so fun!! (except for when I couldn't get the shelves back in where I wanted to. I might have been a little frustrated. You should ask Taylor about it.)

Thursday, May 19, 2011

New York- favorite things

Like I said before, I went to NYC with my sister and our friend Stacey. Our other friend Rachel is living there for the summer, so we met up with her there. I am just going to highlight the funny and exciting things we did........ (I will get pics up soon, I was really bad and got a couple on my phone but my sister has most on her camera. )

  • Red eye, bumpy flight to get there. Not fun... I never get motion sick or anything like that, but at one point I really truly thought I was going to puke.
  • Arriving to Manhattan at 7 am, finding out we couldn't check in, and wandering the streets until things started to open. I was especially tired inside of Macys and don't even remember much about going there.
  • My blow dry appointment with Reagan. I have been a loyal blog follower for about a year now, and when I found out I would be going to NY I knew I had to make an apt with her. She was so sweet/nice, and I am really happy I got to meet her and see her swanky salon. (it was worth the $60) She made my hair look beautiful.
  • We saw Wonderland on Broadway. I may or may not have fallen asleep a few times due to the 36 hours straight of being awake. But what I saw of it was really cute.
  • The street food fair. I bought ribs on the street for $7 and they were DELICIOUS. And some New York cheesecake that was divine
  • Going to the DASH store. For those of you who know me, you know I absolutely love the Kardashians and have been watching them for years now. I personally prefer Khloe, because she is the funniest. One time my mom told me that the things I say and how I say them remind her of Khloe. And I said thank you. ANYWAY, there was a line to get in even! It was crazy. And the boutique was a lot smaller than I thought it would be from seeing it on t.v. And the girls that work there are a little snobby. But whatever. The only thing I could afford was a $10 water bottle which I debated buying, but then I didn't. Taylor would think I was ridiculous if I paid $10 for a bottle of water just because it says Dash on the front of it and there is a picture of the girls. Moving on....
  • Going to Republic for dinner. I love Thai food, and this place was way good and inexpensive. I got the Salmon noodle dish which was delicious, and I also ate most of my sisters Chicken Pad Thai because lets be honest, she doesn't eat much.
  • Going to the Lincoln Center for church on Sunday. The first speaker was really hilarious. There is something cool about going to church in different places... I like.
  • Going to Sarah Beth's for brunch. I got some yummy scrambled eggs with spinach and cream cheese. It was worth the mucho mulah. Plus, the guy at the table behind us was seriously the CREEPIEST and he kept staring at Tiffany, so that made it worth it too. I can't even put his looks into words for you or I would try.
  • Going to see the Alexander McQueen collection at the MET. I really think this was my favorite thing that we did. It was pretty amazing. He had a lot of really crazy costume like outfits (Think of Lady Gaga) But a lot of his cuts and silhouettes were beautiful. He was an artist. What an opportunity!
  • Getting my new Betseyville bag at the Betsey Johnson store. She is one of my favies, and I can't go to NY now without frequenting her stores.
  • The scary homeless lady with the filthiest/creepiest feet you have ever seen. We happened to run into her at 7eleven when we were minding our own business getting our drink fix for the night. She took a liking to me for some reason, and was following me around while poking me telling me to "GET ON THE STAGE!!" I was a little creeped out. Actually a lot. and it didn't help that Stacey and my sister were dying laughing the whole time!
  • Taking the train out to Brooklyn to eat at Grimaldi's pizza. (after waiting outside for half an hour in the rain) It was delicious! The best pizza I've ever had. (In America that is)
  • Stacey getting proposed to 2 times while walking around
  • Going to Tiffany's to drool at our dream rings
  • Going inside every singe H&M (and there is a LOT) to find my coveted blazer. I never found it in my size :(
  • When the people at Christian Louboutin wouldn't let Stacey and Tiffany in
  • Seeing Luann from the Real Housewives of NYC walking 5th avenue with her boyfriend.
  • Walking through Central Park, my favorite park
  • my first experience at West Elm. Love
There is probably a lot more I just cant think of right now.. But what a trip! I always love New York, and it was great to go back. I am lucky that my sister is one of my best friends and that her friends let me be their friends too.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

hoppy EASTER!

My buddies were having so much fun finding eggs
I think every time we take pictures Taylor is wearing this shirt. Shows you how good we are at taking pictures.
How chic is Mo right now? The Easter Bunny brought her these glasses and she literally would not take them off. It was the cutest/funniest things ever.
I love my little Monroe Alexandra. (how great is her middle name? hehe)
Easter wouldn't have been complete without a visit to Rex. We sure missed you Sunday!

We had a great Easter this year. The Easter Bunny came to our house a few days early and brought me the Coach perfume I have been dying to have, (it smells so yummy) and brought Taylor some skinnies and a cute shirt! We started out Sunday off right by going to church and planning a fun lesson for our Sunday School kids. (Or should I say games/treats) Then we went to my parents house where they had hidden our Easter bag for us to find. Our bag had our favorite treats, 2 shirts for Taylor, and some money for me to pick out an outfit. (Thanks M&D) Then my favorite kiddos came over to have an Easter egg hunt in the backyard! And then I started taking pictures.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Start Spreadin the News..

I just made plans to take a trip here in May. I am going with two of my favorite girls to meet up with a third favorite girl! I am so very excited, I am in love with NY and so happy to be going back. May 12 can't come fast enough!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to my sweet Mom and favorite older brother. I love you guys!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Me and Cass may or may not have gone to see the Justin Bieber movie and loved every second of it..... (In 3D I might add)



I got certified in extensions and absolutely loved it! Above is my model Jessica. Didn't her hair turn out gorgeous??
My favorite baby girl turned 1. I love you Mo!
I turned 22 and had a great day with Taylor, friends, and family. What a crazy couple of weeks!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Sunday School

Taylor and I have been teaching Sunday School since we got married and started going to our ward. We teach 12, 13 and 14 year olds... and there is 22 of them. Yup you heard me, 22.
Not all of them come every week, but we usually have anywhere from 15-20! Anyway, it has been a really good experience so far and we have loved it. I spend all of Sunday school laughing my head off, or trying not to cause it isn't always appropriate. I love watching Taylor teach because he is so great at it! There is a boy named Zack and I always tell Taylor that I really like him because he is just so cute and funny. Last Sunday, we were asking the kids about Valentines Day, what they were doing, and if they had a Valentine. Some of them said they did and some didn't. Taylor said " I have a Valentine." Zack replies, "She is way out of your league, man." Thanks Zack, I always knew I liked you!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

My Masterpiece



My parents were throwing this beauty out and asked me if I wanted it. At first I thought no way cause lets be honest it was hideous, but then my creative thinking came out and I had all these ideas of how I could make it fabulous. I have also wanted a piece of turquoise furniture for some time now, so I thought this would be the perfect opportunity! (Taylor has also been wanting a desk for his "office" He doesn't love how girly it is, but hey it was my project, he doesn't get to choose) See what a little sanding, turquoise paint, and cute knobs can do? I literally painted this desk MONTHS ago, but it took a long time to get from my parents basement to our little apartment. And then even longer for me to find the right knobs, take pictures, and blog about it! I absolutely LOVE how it turned out. It makes our little spare bedroom/make shift office that much cuter and its fun to have a statement piece of furniture!