Wednesday, February 9, 2011

My Masterpiece



My parents were throwing this beauty out and asked me if I wanted it. At first I thought no way cause lets be honest it was hideous, but then my creative thinking came out and I had all these ideas of how I could make it fabulous. I have also wanted a piece of turquoise furniture for some time now, so I thought this would be the perfect opportunity! (Taylor has also been wanting a desk for his "office" He doesn't love how girly it is, but hey it was my project, he doesn't get to choose) See what a little sanding, turquoise paint, and cute knobs can do? I literally painted this desk MONTHS ago, but it took a long time to get from my parents basement to our little apartment. And then even longer for me to find the right knobs, take pictures, and blog about it! I absolutely LOVE how it turned out. It makes our little spare bedroom/make shift office that much cuter and its fun to have a statement piece of furniture!


  1. Oh my gosh Alex, that dresser turned out so cute. I need to learn how to be more crafty.

  2. It turned out so good!!! I love love love your knobs!! Your so creative!!