Wednesday, April 27, 2011

hoppy EASTER!

My buddies were having so much fun finding eggs
I think every time we take pictures Taylor is wearing this shirt. Shows you how good we are at taking pictures.
How chic is Mo right now? The Easter Bunny brought her these glasses and she literally would not take them off. It was the cutest/funniest things ever.
I love my little Monroe Alexandra. (how great is her middle name? hehe)
Easter wouldn't have been complete without a visit to Rex. We sure missed you Sunday!

We had a great Easter this year. The Easter Bunny came to our house a few days early and brought me the Coach perfume I have been dying to have, (it smells so yummy) and brought Taylor some skinnies and a cute shirt! We started out Sunday off right by going to church and planning a fun lesson for our Sunday School kids. (Or should I say games/treats) Then we went to my parents house where they had hidden our Easter bag for us to find. Our bag had our favorite treats, 2 shirts for Taylor, and some money for me to pick out an outfit. (Thanks M&D) Then my favorite kiddos came over to have an Easter egg hunt in the backyard! And then I started taking pictures.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Start Spreadin the News..

I just made plans to take a trip here in May. I am going with two of my favorite girls to meet up with a third favorite girl! I am so very excited, I am in love with NY and so happy to be going back. May 12 can't come fast enough!