Sunday, December 5, 2010

New Job

I have been doing hair now for almost 2 years and have just recently moved my business to Amara Day Spa, Salon, and Boutique. I absolutely LOVE it there. It is the cutest place with the cutest girls working there! What a breath of fresh air to be able to work somewhere so up to date, professional, organized, and beautiful with some of the best stylist/estheticians around. I am so excited about my future at Amara and look forward to being there for years and years. We offer everything from hair services, skin services, pedicures, nails, massage, body treatments, spray tanning, and even Botox! There is also an adorable boutique with clothes, shoes, jewelry and accessories. If you haven't been in, you really need to.... just sayin.

Monday, November 29, 2010


Milo wearing the bear hat and gloves we gave him

My cute nephew Milo turned 4 yesterday. I can't believe he is getting so old! I remember perfectly the day he was born. I was still in high school and I was working on a photo project when I got the call that he was coming! I remember sitting on the ground outside of the delivery room, and when I heard the new baby start crying, I did too. He was the sweetest most adorable thing. (He still is) Milo is the reason I became an aunt and he is so special to me for that. I love being an aunt! He is so smart, well beyond his years. He is so stubborn and passionate (his Italian really shines through) and he is hilarious without trying to be. I sure love you Milo, Happy Birthday!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Sorry Stace!

I am already a bad blogger. Thanks Tiff for the handwritten instructions on how to make my blog a little cuter. We have had a really sad week because our sweet nephew Rex passed away last Tuesday. He has been battling a rare type of brain stem cancer since March. Luckily. we were able to say goodbye to him Monday night because his parents knew he wouldn't last much longer. I can't think of anything worse then a child dying, and it seems so unfair that this has to happen. What a sweet, brave and fun little boy that we are going to miss like crazy. Thank you for all the fun times Rex, we are so lucky to be your aunt and uncle! We know we will see you again. And thanks to the wonderful examples of Steve and Steph (Taylor's sister) You guys are AMAZING and we have no idea how you have done everything this past while. We love you! Please pray for the Stuarts. To hear more about their story and to donate to them if you would like, go to

(sorry to keep you waiting Stacey)

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Getting started

I always wanted to have a blog, but I promised myself I would wait until I was married and actually had something to talk about! Well me and Taylor have been married over a month now, so it is time to start blogging! I am really confused at how this thing works and how to make it cute and put pictures up and everything, so I think I am going to need a little help from my wonderful blogging sister. So be patient with me while I figure this all out! Pictures coming soon :)