Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Sorry Stace!

I am already a bad blogger. Thanks Tiff for the handwritten instructions on how to make my blog a little cuter. We have had a really sad week because our sweet nephew Rex passed away last Tuesday. He has been battling a rare type of brain stem cancer since March. Luckily. we were able to say goodbye to him Monday night because his parents knew he wouldn't last much longer. I can't think of anything worse then a child dying, and it seems so unfair that this has to happen. What a sweet, brave and fun little boy that we are going to miss like crazy. Thank you for all the fun times Rex, we are so lucky to be your aunt and uncle! We know we will see you again. And thanks to the wonderful examples of Steve and Steph (Taylor's sister) You guys are AMAZING and we have no idea how you have done everything this past while. We love you! Please pray for the Stuarts. To hear more about their story and to donate to them if you would like, go to

(sorry to keep you waiting Stacey)


  1. I just think of the time at the Scera pool when Rex swam over to me and said 'watch what I can do' and cupped his hands together and splashed a handful of water in my face. What a funny kid... such a cutie.

  2. I'm so sorry about your loss, it's definitely not easy losing someone you love... hang in there! Your family is in my prayers.