Thursday, May 19, 2011

New York- favorite things

Like I said before, I went to NYC with my sister and our friend Stacey. Our other friend Rachel is living there for the summer, so we met up with her there. I am just going to highlight the funny and exciting things we did........ (I will get pics up soon, I was really bad and got a couple on my phone but my sister has most on her camera. )

  • Red eye, bumpy flight to get there. Not fun... I never get motion sick or anything like that, but at one point I really truly thought I was going to puke.
  • Arriving to Manhattan at 7 am, finding out we couldn't check in, and wandering the streets until things started to open. I was especially tired inside of Macys and don't even remember much about going there.
  • My blow dry appointment with Reagan. I have been a loyal blog follower for about a year now, and when I found out I would be going to NY I knew I had to make an apt with her. She was so sweet/nice, and I am really happy I got to meet her and see her swanky salon. (it was worth the $60) She made my hair look beautiful.
  • We saw Wonderland on Broadway. I may or may not have fallen asleep a few times due to the 36 hours straight of being awake. But what I saw of it was really cute.
  • The street food fair. I bought ribs on the street for $7 and they were DELICIOUS. And some New York cheesecake that was divine
  • Going to the DASH store. For those of you who know me, you know I absolutely love the Kardashians and have been watching them for years now. I personally prefer Khloe, because she is the funniest. One time my mom told me that the things I say and how I say them remind her of Khloe. And I said thank you. ANYWAY, there was a line to get in even! It was crazy. And the boutique was a lot smaller than I thought it would be from seeing it on t.v. And the girls that work there are a little snobby. But whatever. The only thing I could afford was a $10 water bottle which I debated buying, but then I didn't. Taylor would think I was ridiculous if I paid $10 for a bottle of water just because it says Dash on the front of it and there is a picture of the girls. Moving on....
  • Going to Republic for dinner. I love Thai food, and this place was way good and inexpensive. I got the Salmon noodle dish which was delicious, and I also ate most of my sisters Chicken Pad Thai because lets be honest, she doesn't eat much.
  • Going to the Lincoln Center for church on Sunday. The first speaker was really hilarious. There is something cool about going to church in different places... I like.
  • Going to Sarah Beth's for brunch. I got some yummy scrambled eggs with spinach and cream cheese. It was worth the mucho mulah. Plus, the guy at the table behind us was seriously the CREEPIEST and he kept staring at Tiffany, so that made it worth it too. I can't even put his looks into words for you or I would try.
  • Going to see the Alexander McQueen collection at the MET. I really think this was my favorite thing that we did. It was pretty amazing. He had a lot of really crazy costume like outfits (Think of Lady Gaga) But a lot of his cuts and silhouettes were beautiful. He was an artist. What an opportunity!
  • Getting my new Betseyville bag at the Betsey Johnson store. She is one of my favies, and I can't go to NY now without frequenting her stores.
  • The scary homeless lady with the filthiest/creepiest feet you have ever seen. We happened to run into her at 7eleven when we were minding our own business getting our drink fix for the night. She took a liking to me for some reason, and was following me around while poking me telling me to "GET ON THE STAGE!!" I was a little creeped out. Actually a lot. and it didn't help that Stacey and my sister were dying laughing the whole time!
  • Taking the train out to Brooklyn to eat at Grimaldi's pizza. (after waiting outside for half an hour in the rain) It was delicious! The best pizza I've ever had. (In America that is)
  • Stacey getting proposed to 2 times while walking around
  • Going to Tiffany's to drool at our dream rings
  • Going inside every singe H&M (and there is a LOT) to find my coveted blazer. I never found it in my size :(
  • When the people at Christian Louboutin wouldn't let Stacey and Tiffany in
  • Seeing Luann from the Real Housewives of NYC walking 5th avenue with her boyfriend.
  • Walking through Central Park, my favorite park
  • my first experience at West Elm. Love
There is probably a lot more I just cant think of right now.. But what a trip! I always love New York, and it was great to go back. I am lucky that my sister is one of my best friends and that her friends let me be their friends too.